Friday, August 10, 2012

Tiger story

well, it's just a story from my personal life. I live in Borneo island. Some people said that there are no tiger live in this island. well, some of the indonesian people, especially the elders said that. i'm not pretty sure about it. Is it real or not. but, my grand-father said he does saw a tiger when he was hunting. the story is like this, one day, my grandfather goes hunting with their friends. they hunt in borneo forest. some elders also said that there are something mystic in the forest. but my grandfather doesn't care about it.

they walk trough the forest, try to find something to hunt. After few hours walk and they didn't caught anything, my father and his friend hear a very unexpected thing. They heard a roar of tiger. it's a very powerfull roar. it makes you like shaking because of fear. that roar makes one of my grandfather friend passed out. Because one of the elders come hunting with my grandfather, he says "this is impossible. There are no tiger in the forest. or could it be?" then my grandfather ask "could it be what?" and the elder answer "it could be not a tiger, but a demon that transformed into tiger"

Tiger walk through the forest
my grandfather is very surprised about what the elder said. "there are no such things as demon" said my grandpa. "yes, there are. a demon that transformed into tiger, are commonly apear in the village near this forest. and when the tiger came there, it always eat a plenty of human. and no one can stop a rampaging tiger demon. People believe that the difference between the demon tiger and a normal tiger is in their eyes. demon tiger eyes are red. while the normal tiger are yellow." said the elder.

because of an unusual fear felt by the other hunters, they decided to came back to their house. my grandfather want to hunt that tiger, but, the elder stop him. "if you planning to kill the demon tiger, it's useless. no one can kill demon tiger" said elder. but my grandpa still want to go. and the elder force him to not hunt the tiger. "are you sure it's a demon tiger?" ask my grandfather. "i'm not pretty sure, but, just don't take any risk" said the elder. finally, my grandfather decided not to hunt the tiger, and the mystery about 'is there are tiger in borneo' remain as a mystery until now.

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