Monday, July 30, 2012

Hybrid Cats

Hybrid big cats are artificial creations. They are unlikely to occur in the wild except in unnatural situations e.g. in very isolated populations where there is no mate of the appropriate species available. Because of the fertility issues, valuable genes may be lost by breeding dissimilar species together. Most conservationists condemn deliberate hybridization as wasteful in terms of genes and in terms of money. So why are they bred?

Many are bred out of curiosity. Exotic animals, especially ligers (the largest big cats on the planet), are great crowd-pullers. Pony-sized striped big cats and leopard-patterned lions are undeniably magnificent creatures. Others occur by accident where two animals are housed together from an early age in the belief that they won't mate with each other. The mating instinct is strong enough that a puma allowed herself to be mated by an ocelot one third of her size! This occurs where there is limited accommodation e.g. private collections, travelling circuses etc. Even experienced zoos have accidentally bred hybrids this way e.g. the servical. Believing that hybrids are always sterile, some keepers have housed a hybrid big cat with pure-bred big cats only to discover that hybrid females are fertile.

Speciation (one species evolving into two) is usually an excruciatingly slow process. Different species usually cannot mate and reproduce (reproductive isolation). If the species are closely related, such as certain cat species, they can produce hybrids, but those hybrids have reduced fertility. The more easily two species form hybrids, the more closely they are related in evolutionary terms. One way reproductive isolation occurs is genetic mutation. One group of animals might be geographically isolated from others of the same species. Each group accumulates slightly different mutations over many generations - some genes affect appearance, others affect behaviour. Many generations later, the two groups have diverged and are different enough that even if they can mate, they can't produce fully fertile offspring.

for more info's, you can read on the "Hybrid Cats" page,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wisata ke Batu, Malang

     Pada hari Selasa, tanggal 3 Juli 2012, kami mengunjungi Jatim Park 2 di Batu, Malang. Setelah menempuh perjalanan yang lamanya kurang lebih 3 jam, akhirnya kami pun tiba di tempat tujuan. Usai membeli tiket, kami langsung menuju ke museum yang ada di tempat itu. Ada banyak sekali fauna yang diawetkan disana, disana juga ada fosil dinasaurus, paus bungkuk, dan masih banyak lagi. sebelum meninggalkan museum, kami sempat menonton Ice Live Show terlebih dahulu.
     Usai acara Ice Live Show, kami langsung menuju Batu Secret Zoo. ada banyak sekali fauna disana dari berbagai macam tempat. setelah menempuh perjalanan panjang mengikuti rute dari pintu masuk Batu Secret Zoo, kami akhirnya sampai di tempat wahana. pertama-tama, kami mencoba Shark coaster, lalu kami mencoba Tsunami, Animal Coaster, Octopus, dan jelajah 5 benua. setelah puas bermain, kami mengikuti  rute ke jalan keluar. Rute tersebut membawa kami melewati Tiger Land.
     Di Tiger land tersebut, ada banyak sekali jenis harimau dan satu jenis singa. jenis harimau yang kami temui yaitu Harimau bali, harimau sumatra, harimau benggala, harimau benggala putih, dan harimau Siberia. dan satu jenis singa yang kami temui yaitu Singa Putih. Setelah puas melihgat-lihat anggota 'the big cats' itu, kami melanjutkan rute yang akhirnya membawa kami ke pintu keluar.
     Kami pun langsung menuju Bis kami, lalu makan siang disana. Setelah semua siswa sudah terkumpul, kami melanjutkan perjalanan ke Batu Night Square. Disana, kami mencoba 4 macam wahana, yaitu Rumah Gila, Bom-Bom car, Sepeda layang, dan yang terakhir, Go-kart. usai mencoba 4 wahana itu, aku mengunjungi toko souvenir yang ada disana, dan membeli beberapa mainan. Setelah merasa lelah, aku bersama beberapa temanku dan bu Renia langsung menuju bis. saat semua siswa telah terkumpul, kami pergi ke suatu tempat untuk makan malam. Usai makan malam, kami pun melanjutkan perjalanan pulang kami

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Today, we're gonna talk about dragon, one of a mythical creature.

Dragons are usually thought to have wings and breathe fire. They also are said to have scales and claws. Some also have horns. Almost always they are said to be venomous. Some dragons may have two or more heads. They may also have more than one tail. They may have two, four or even more legs; however, most are known to have four legs. Dragons are said to eat things such as rats, birds, snakes, bats, or even humans, especially children.

Dragons are very intelligent creatures. They live in remote areas, far away from humans, in places that are dark, damp and secluded, such as caves. Dragons were first thought of as creatures who lived in water. Later they became associated with fire. Sea serpents may have been the first dragons, and may be the reason for this association.

Almost all dragon stories portray the dragon as the villain from whom the hero must protect the city or the princess. But some dragons can take on the form of the protector. The biggest differences in dragons usually come from different cultures, especially the cultures of the East and the West. Each culture seems to have their own idea about dragons.

some types of dragon :

Black Dragons

Black dragons are vile, evil tempered, and obsessed with death. They live in fetid, swampy habitats. They find comfort in the sickening-sweet aroma of drowned, rotting carcasses. The black dragon's domain is the swamp and the jungle. They are abusive, quick to anger, and malevolent. Their hearts are as black as their slimy scales.

A black dragon can be identified by his grim, skeletal appearance. His eyes lie in deep sockets. His two great horns curve forward and down. The flesh of his face appears to have partially deteriorated, as if burnt by acid. Acidic slime drools from his menacing grin. He smells of rotting vegetation, foul water, and poisonous acid.

Living in sticky, wet habitats, black dragons dine mostly on fish, eels, and other water creatures. They will eat meat, but prefer to allow their victims float in ponds for days, or even weeks, before being eaten.

If you ever encounter a black dragon, be careful—he prefers surprise attacks instead of fair fighting. He is most active in the darkest hour of night, wherein the darkness he feels confident and powerful. He breathes a poisonous, sizzling acid.

Red Dragons

Red dragons are greedy and covetous, and obsessed with increasing their treasure hoards. They live in warm habitats, such as volcanoes or tropical islands. The red dragon's domain is is the mountain and the island. They are vain, cunning, and terrible.

A red dragon can be identified by is long wings and two long horns. He has a long, red, forked tongue. Tiny flames often dance in his nostrils when he is angry. His eyes gleam with unrestrained greed when he has seen treasure. He smells of smoke and sulfur.

Red dragons are fiercely territorial. They prefer to eat meat, especially people. Red dragons have been known to force villages to sacrifice maidens to them. (This is a matter of taste. As you would have it, apparently maidens "just taste better.") The best part of a meal for a red dragon is drinking the blood.

Red dragons breathe a deadly fire.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons are pensive, lawful, and vain. They live in hot, dry areas, such as sandy deserts or arid steppes.

A blue dragon can be identified by his frilled ears and a single horn upon his head. His eyes are smooth, glossy, and without pupils-when looking at them, you may feel as though you are looking into eternity. The dry scent of ozone and sand follows a blue dragon wherever he goes.

He loves to soar in the hot desert air. He is a dedicated carnivour who will eat snakes, lizards, and occasionally even desert plants, but truly prefers herd animals such as camels. Blue dragons are a real threat to caravans crossing the desert. He prefers to attack people in ambush. Surprise and distance is his greatest ally. They enjoy sitting and reflecting. He is blue-blooded (that is to say, cold, effete, or noble.) He is lawful and has some sense of morals.

He is good at tracking.

The blue dragon is large and vibrant.

Blue dragons breathe lightning, that is, a lightning bolt.

Green Dragons

The green dragon is a belligerent creature and master of intrigue, politics, and backbiting. He is cruel. He prefers forests—the older and bigger the trees, the better. Instead of being overtly aggressive, he prefers to concoct elaborat schemes to gain power or wealth with as little effort as possible. He may make his lair behind a waterfall or near a lake, pond, or stream that provides a submerged entrance. The closer one gets to his lair, the darker the woods become. Evil hangs in the air, mingling with the forest scents to produce foul odors.

The green dragon's head is covered in hornlets. He has a long neck and legs, and resembles a brontosaurus.

The green dragon reaks of chlorine.

The green dragon is a liar and master of verbal evasion. Just talking to a green dragon can lead to ruin. When attacking, he will usually stalk his prey first, sometimes for days. The green dragon has a palette for elf flesh. He loves to play with his prey. He will subside on practically anything, including shrubs and small trees. He uses camoflauge to his advantage. He is obsessed with life and growth, and wants to live eternally. He is envious.

He is good at tracking.

The green dragon likes to instill terror in lesser opponents before torturing them to death.

Green dragons breathe poisonous gas, that is, a toxic chlorine gas.

White Dragons

White dragons are small and intelligent. They live in frigid, icy climates — usually arctic areas, but sometimes very high mountains. They travel alone, and have very good memories. They prefer the solitude of snowy plains and caves, far away from the warming rays of the sun.

A white dragon can be identified by his sharp, intelligent-looking eyes and intense expression. His scales resemble fur, or even feathers, in places. His wide feet and sharp claws help him to walk atop snowbanks. An aura of coldness seems to eminate from the white dragon.

Living in frosty climes, white dragons prefer their food to be suitably chilled. If their victims have not frozen to death already, white dragons will often pack them away in the snow until they are properly frozen.

If you ever encounter a white dragon, be on your guard— he is swift and alert. Your best bet is to scare or intimidate him, as white dragons are sometimes known to be cowardly. He breathes a chilling frost.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainy Days

Untuk hari ini, Post nya tentang cerbung, maaf, mungkin ceritanya sangat tidak bagus. tapi ya, karena iseng, aku post aja. dan mungkin akan ada sekitar 4-5 bagian lagi tentang cerita ini yang akan kubuat. Yah, ini dia, bagian pertama nya.

Rainy days

“wah, hujan, untung bawa payung” kata Leo seraya berlari. “beberapa hari ini, tiada hari tanpa hujan. Hari-hari dipenuhi dengan hujan. Oya, tadi, makanan ringan yang ibu pesan apa yak?” tambahnya lagi. Saking seriusnya mengingat, karena jalanan yang licin, Leo sampai terpeleset dan ‘gubrak’ jatuh di jalan. “adaw!” teriaknya. Ia segera bangkit dan merapikan pakaiannya. “yaelah, nih pakaian baru aja dicuci, udah kotor lagi...” keluhnya. Ia pun mempercepat langkahnya karena hujan mulai semakin deras. Alexander Leonard adalah seorang anak laki-laki berumur 13 tahun, ia adalah siswa kelas 2 SMP, kejadian ini terjadi pada saat ia diminta oleh ibunya untuk membeli beberapa makanan ringan di toko dekat rumahnya.

**cukup pengenalannya, lanjut** Setelah Leo selesai membeli, ia segera pulang. Dalam perjalanan pulang, ia melihat seseorang sedang berteduh di bawah pohon. Leo pun bergerak lebih dekat untuk memperjelas penglihatannya. orang itu, ternyata seorang perempuan, tinggi, dan berambut panjang. “cantik :O” batinnya. “siapa orang itu? Rasanya, baru pertama kali aku melihatnya di komplek ini”  tambahnya. Leo pun memberanikan diri untuk mendekat, lalu, ia bertanya “eng,, kamu, ga bawa payung?” lalu, orang itu menjawab “iya, kalau aku bawa payung, ngapain coba, aku berteduh disini =.=” Leo pun bertanya lagi “oooh, mau kuantar?” orang itu pun menjawab “G”  **wew, ditolak mentah-mentah... #JLEB**  “yaudah, kalau ga mau diantar, nih, kupinjemin payungku, karena aku bawa tiga” tawar Leo sambil menyerahkan salah satu payungnya

“kamu, bawa tiga payung, untuk apa?” tanya orang tersebut. “yaah, untuk jaga-jaga. Karena aku sering terpeleset dan tiap aku terpeleset payungku pasti rusak. Jadi aku bawa cadangan” jawab Leo. “ooh, yaudah, makasih ya, besok, ku kembaliin” kata orang itu. “oya, ngomong-ngomong, kamu sekolah dimana?” tanyanya. “di deket komplek ini, SMPN2” jawab Leo. “ooh, oke deh!” kata orang itu sambil berjalan pulang. Leo masih berdiri diam. “rasanya, ada hal penting yang perlu ditanya deh, apa yak?” katanya. “oya! Namanya! -_- yaah, lupakanlah, nanti kan dia juga bakal ngembaliin payung itu, tapi, gimana dia bisa kembaliin coba, dia aja ga tau namaku, ga tau alamatku. -_-“ tambahnya lagi.

Yak, bagaimana cerita lanjutannya? Mungkin ga, leo akan bertemu dengan gadis itu lagi? Wah, jangan tanya aku yo.. aku pribadi juga masih belum tau lanjutannya gimana. Hahaha... yang mau tunggu lanjutannya silahkan, yang ga mau yaudah. hahahaha...
sekian cerita jelek ini pada hari ini.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's my Life

     "Bon jovi - it's my life" is my favorite song at the moment. I really like the song, the lyric, and the music video. now, i gonna tell some about of this song. first, it's lyrics,

Bon Jovi - it's my life

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for the faith-departed
I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive
It's my life

This is for the ones who stood their ground
For Tommy and Gina who never backed down
Tomorrow's getting harder, make no mistake
Luck ain't even lucky
Got to make your own breaks

It's my life
And it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life

Better stand tall when they're calling you out
Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down

It's my life
And it's now or never
'Cause I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
And it's now or never
'Cause I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life

the man Running
     Second, about it's music video. really like the music video 'cos it's a really interesting video. it tells about a man that run to met his friend in the bon jovi concert. but not that's all, i really like the action in this video. and my favorite parts is when the man jump off from the bridge and rolling below the tanker. it's really awesome!

Jump off the bridge while there is a tanker run-over on the street.  
The tanker driver hit the brake, and the man rolls below the tanker

the man manage to survive

Red Food!

     Fruits and vegetable are rich in important vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other nutrients. Including antioxidant, which are known to prevent cancers and help you protect against heart disease and stroke. The more colorful they are, the more they are likely to be richer in Phytochemicals. These are pigment substance that give fruit and vegetable their bright colors. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors give your body a wide range of nutrients!
     Red fruits and vegetables are colored by natural plant pigments called "lycopene" and "anthocyanin". Lycopene can be found in watermelons, tomatoes, and pink grapefruits. Anthocyanin can be found in strawberries, raspberries, and red grapes. the examples of red foods are :
Dragon Fruit / Pitaya
- ) Pitaya
     or commonly known as Dragon Fruit, are rich in fiber and minerals, notably phosporus and calcium. a low calorie fruit. the red-skinned pitaya are also a good source of vitamin C
-) Pomegranates
    with it's distinctive crown and many seeds and pulpy ruby red arils like jewel, it's a fruit that packed with a punch of antioxidants and vitamins. pomegranates are known to have a lots of health benefit such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain type of cancer.
-) Red Spinach
Red Spinach
    Amaranth leaves, or simply red spinach, it's basically used to overcome anemia, dysentery, ambien, fever, and reinforced breast feeding and strengthen your body immune system. Contain high antioxidant that can prevent early aging.
-) Rhubarb
    Is a relative of buck-wheat and has an earthy, sourflavour. This vegetable is rarely eaten raw and is unbearably tart on it's own. Sugar, honey, and fruit juice can be added for it's sweetness to balance out the acidity. Rhubarb is commonly used for pies and therefore gets it's nickname "pie plant".
Warning : eating the rhubarb leaves can be poisonous.

Monday, July 23, 2012

If You Want To Lose Weight Get a Buddy

        So many individuals who would like to lose weight are embarrassed about the numbers they see on the scale. They don’t want to admit to other folks what they weigh. These exact same people are those who try to go it alone every time they want to lose weight. They don’t want to tell people if they go on a diet program because they don’t want to judgments (or the unfounded advice). It’s not tough to figure out the reason why you’d keep this voyage to yourself. Today’s contemporary society frowns greatly upon anyone who doesn’t seem the way fashion magazines think people should look. Still, it really is a lot easier to have great results if you work with someone else or ask a professional person for help.
        At the very least, you should ask your doctor for help before beginning dieting–even if the diet you want to follow is very popular. Your physician should be acquainted with your medical history. He or she can help you figure out the healthiest strategy to approach your particular weight loss program. Your medical doctor will work with you to decide upon how many calories you should take in each day as well as a good diet plan. He or she will make it easier to put together a health plan that should meet any existing health conditions you might have. Your physician will also be able to track your health while you shed pounds. This is one of the greatest ways to catch any likely issues as they come about.
        Beyond a doctor, signing up for a weight loss group like Weight Watchers can be a great way to bolster your esteem and keep your plans in motion. When you work with a buddy or team on your weight loss it is far easier to hold yourself accountable for the progress you are or aren’t making. They may also help boost your self esteem. When a person join a group you will see that you are not by yourself in your health and weight battles. People who desire to shed weight go through identical things you do. It helps to have someone to speak with who is aware of your struggle.
       The web is a great option for people who really can’t deal with the idea of sitting in a group. There certainly are a lot of diverse weight reduction communities on the internet that you can join. This method is the best for people who want to manage at least some anonymity but who also need help and someone to talk to. It is also recommended for people who live in non-urban areas or who have a difficult time getting out of the house. Before you start definitely participating in any kind of group, however, be sure you spend some time lurking and exploring. This may be the simplest way to figure out if you will fit in effectively with the group.
There are plenty of reasons to look for a fat reduction buddy. Remember: it’s harder to remain on track when you believe you are taking the journey alone.

Facts about Meteora

       Meteora, an area that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year is situated in Greece. Meteora is famous for its monasteries that are built on eroded rocks. The name itself means "suspended in the air". The monks built these monasteries on the top of the rocks. Earlier there were many monasteries but now only six are left. Meteora was inhabited by hermit monks first. The climate here varies with sweating summers to chilly winters. The area experiences rain all through the year. The rocks on which these monasteries stand are believed to be almost sixty million years old and their weathering and evolving makes the place perfect for hiking. Tourists here enjoy visiting monasteries, hiking and exploring caves. The best way to reach the place is by taking a bus from Athens. There are good hotels to stay in a village of Kastraki. The nearby places worth visiting are Mount Olympus, Athens, Santorini and many more.

fact image

fact image

fact image