Sunday, August 12, 2012

The beginning of Simple Celavia

I'm gonna tell about how this blog created. One day, my teacher ask the student in my class, "who doesn't has a blog, raise your hand" no one raise their hand. that meant every student in my class have a blog. but i think it's only me that felt woried about it, because i forgot the password of my previous blog. then, i take the computer beside me and try to log in to my account. but in the end, it fail. my friend suggest to me, just click 'forgot password' when signing in to my blog account. shortly afterwards, the password has sent to my e-mail. i felt pretty relieved. but i didn't realised that there are more problems.

i forgot my e-mail password! damn lol. it fruiteless. i went back to my blog account and once again tried to enter the password i knew. but it still doesn't works. finally, my friend suggest to me, just make a new blog account. but i still wan't to use my old blog. but oh well, i didn't have any other option. finally, i make my new blog account, and a new blog. i'm pretty confused about what the name should be. because the time is short, i decided to name my blog 'rainy days'

when i arrived at home, i turn on my computer, log in to my account and start designing my blog. i design it with a blue-lite header, and a background with lots of teardrops. and also, some of raining widgets. i felt happy with my new blog. but when i realise that there are one of my friend using the same background as me, i start to change all of it. i change the header into a tiger picture, and the background into autumn leaves. and even  i add autumn leafs falling widget.

shortly afterwards, i felt bored to my blog. and finally, i change my design to as you can see right now, and the name into, Simple Celavia. do you know where i got 'simple celavia' name? it's from my Pencil case! :D

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